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Reference: Luke 16:1-13
Format: All-age message
Season: Ordinary time

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Suit Yourself

Four aces from a pack of cards stored or hidden somewhere so that they can be revealed one at a time.

(in your own words) I have four symbols here of things which are important in everyday life. The first is this [produce ace of spades]. Does anyone know what this is? [“a spade!”] The spade is a symbol of work. Digging in a garden is hard work. Work is important. Finding a job which is fulfilling and enjoyable is one of the most important things in life. But not the most important.

The next symbol is this [produce ace of diamonds]. What is it? [“a diamond!”] The diamond is a symbol of wealth. Having money is important and some think its being rich is the most important thing in life. But it isn’t.

Here’s the third symbol [produce ace of clubs]. What is it? [“a club!”] A club is something you belong to – or you’d like to belong to. It might be a night club that only lets in famous people. It might be the gang at school that everyone wants to join. It might be the posh golf club where you have to wait to be invited to be a member. Being part of the club shows you are popular or famous. It shows you are one of the in-crowd. For some people having the approval of others is more important than anything else. But it shouldn’t be.

There is one more symbol to show you, and this is the most important thing of all. Can anyone guess what it is? [“a heart!”] Right. Here it is [produce ace of hearts]. And what does the heart symbolise? [“love!”] Correct. Work and wealth and popularity may be important, but they are not as important as love. If you love God and love other people, that’s the most important thing in the world.

Alternative Version

A spade (a real one). A diamond (for example in a ring, an ear-ring or a cuff-link). A membership card of some organisation (ideally one which has the word ‘club’ somewhere on it – a fan club maybe?). A golf club (a putter would do, but a driver would be more impressive). A large cut-out heart shape (or simply the ace of hearts card).

As above, but with different props. For the third symbol, produce the membership card first and when you mention ‘golf club’ you can add, “I happen to have a golf club here...” You may also need to give a few hints when it comes to guessing the fourth symbol - “So we have a spade to represent work, a diamond to represent wealth, a club to represent popularity...”

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