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So what exciting things do we have in store for the discerning visitor?

Well, the bad news is that some sections of this site are still far from complete. If you see anything marked (pending) this means that further information ought to be forthcoming one fine day. But don't hold your breath waiting.

The good news is that there is plenty of material for you to browse. I hope most of it has the power to momentarily fend off boredom and that some may even prove useful. Don't expect much in the way of fancy menus or graphics though. (If you came by way of the threshold you will have already manoeuvred your way past the don't-expect-much-glitter disclaimer. Enough said.)

You'll find a short text menu at the top and bottom of most pages. You can always come back here if you get totally bewildered and befuddled. So now it's time to warm up your mouse, gird up your loins and set off to explore the wonderful world of the Cockburn Web Site...


The above link takes you to a pdf document containing the answers to the recent quiz.

IAQ - Click here for a list of Infrequently Asked Questions.
BIBLE - Click here to discover what Paul thinks about the Bible.
PUZZLES - Click here to stretch your mind with a few puzzles.
CALLIGRAPHY - Click here to see some of Sue's creative efforts.
FAMILY - Click here if you want to know more about the family.
RECOMMENDED - Click here to see what kind of stuff gets the Cockburn seal of approval.

You can also go straight to the Odd-one-out page, the Hundred Word Thoughts page, the Tolkien page, the Mad page, the Christmas newsletter page, the We Were First page, or back to the Threshold. If you're really stuck for anything better to do you could attempt to find something interesting on the Miscellany page.