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List of Resources according to Season

Gospel Beginnings - four gospel writers reflect on how they began (linking with advent themes)

The Reduced Nativity - a 30 second account of the birth of Jesus

On the Third Day - an article listing possible Old Testament references to the resurrection
The Reduced Easter Story - a 30 second account of the resurrection of Jesus

The Last Will and Testament of Jesus of Nazareth - a reminder of his legacy to us

All Together Now - an all-age message showing that our actions effect others
The Active Voice - an all-age message about noticing people and saying thank you
The Four Prayers - a sketch warning against making comparisons with other Christians
God's Invitation - a letter to the church urging them to receive life in all its fullness
Outreach - a full service, including three stories, on the theme of our impact on others
Party Animals - a sketch about rejoicing in being safe
PRATS - a sketch challenging people to act against poverty
Suit Yourself - an all-age message explaining the importance of love

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