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List of Resources according to Format

The following are sketches suitable for use in worship
The Four Prayers - warning against making comparisons with other Christians
(5 readers - minimal acting)
Party Animals - rejoicing in being safe
(2 actors plus the congregation; overhead projector needed)
PRATS - the challenge of action against poverty
(3 actors)

The following are suitable for use in worship and involve only one reader
Faith - a letter commending a worker for her attitude and lifestyle (part of the outreach service)
God's Invitation - a letter from God to the church urging them to receive life in all its fullness
Gospel Beginnings - four monologues by the gospel writers reflecting on how they began
(part of a 4-week advent liturgy needing 1 actor and 2 readers each week)
The Last Will and Testament of Jesus of Nazareth - a reminder of his legacy to us
Norman - a story about a man given new hope (part of the outreach service)
The Reduced Nativity - the story of the birth of Jesus reduced to 30 seconds
The Reduced Easter Story - the story of the resurrection of Jesus reduced to 30 seconds
Samantha - a story about help from an unexpected quarter (part of the outreach service)

The following are suitable for worship where all ages are present
The Active Voice - a reminder that people who do things need to be noticed and thanked
(1 leader plus 2 readers)
All Together Now - how our actions effect others
(2 leaders plus about 7 volunteers)
Suit Yourself - love is more important than work, wealth or popularity
(1 leader plus simple props)

The following are complete services suitable for local congregations to organise
Outreach - a service using three fictional stories to illustrate the impact we have on others
(anywhere from 2 to 12 readers depending on the size of the congregation)

The following are articles suitable for church magazines
On the Third Day - a list of Old Testament references to the resurrection

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