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Paul's Christmas Newsletters

Just when you thought it was safe to browse our web site, suddenly here they are all over again - every terrible newsletter ever sent to the unsuspecting masses.

1989 (pending)
boring bulletin format
1990 (pending)
another boring bulletin
1991 (pending)
review of the year - arts, home, foreign, sport, wildlife
1992 (pending)
school report
1993 (pending)
newsletter format
1994 (pending)
story - The Habit, or They're back again!
1995 (pending)
a poem
1996 (pending)
minutes of Cockburn Family plc AGM
1997 (pending)
a grid of boxes with a pathway through the true ones
1998 (pending)
transcript of Mastermind specialist round
1999 (pending)
Now That's What I Call News - review of compilation album
2000 (pending)
The Deck of Cards
geo-political information about the nation Cockurbania
2002 (pending)
26 key words
2003 (pending)
a clue based vaguely on geocaching provides the key to understanding
2004 (pending)
a report from the canine placed in our care
2005 (pending)
Bluffers guide
2006 (pending)
2007 (pending)
Web Hackers Identity Fraud Fact Sheet
advice on share buying and selling
2009 (pending)
letter of recommendation to Horsham Residents Association
a lipogram avoiding the letter E

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