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Paul's Ponderings on the Bible

Over the years I have exercised my imagination in a variety of directions to produce bits of drama, snatches of doggerel and chunks of prose relating to the Bible. My hope is to provoke a few thoughts. Some of these ponderings may also raise a smile, or draw forth a groan. You are welcome to take and use any of this material if you think it will help promote God's Kingdom.

There are also some spiritual thoughts expressed on my Hundred Word Thoughts page.

Isaiah 53 (pending)
paraphrased letter
Daniel 6
WE CAN'T EAT DANIEL - a news report
Matthew 2:1-12
The Three Kings - an analysis and a poem
Matthew 18:23-35
The Day of Reckoning - a story
Luke 4:1-13
The First Temptations of Christ - a drama
Luke 10:30-35 (pending)
The Good Samaritan - a story
John 21:1-14
Fish and Ships - a drama

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