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Tessa the Dog

On 9th November 2004, the day after our 24th wedding anniversary, we picked up a dog from the Last Chance Rescue Centre, Edenbridge. She is a cross collie whom we have named "Tessa" for no better reason than it being the only female name which none of us thought unsuitable. Here is what she looks like.

Tessa in our garden

Those of you who have often heard the head of the household express his opinion that we don't need a dog and there is no way we are going to have a dog may be surprised by this turn of events. Suffice it to say that the strength of feeling of his daughter (wanting a companion) and his wife (wanting motivation for daily exercise) was enough to force him to reassess his outlook and graciously acquiesce to their request.

We don't know any of Tessa's background. For example, we didn't discover she was already spayed until the vet had her unconscious on the operating table and shaved her tummy to discover a scar. She seems to be one or two years old - fully grown, but still young at heart. She is generally a quiet, peaceful, friendly dog who enjoys curling up next to you on the settee.

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