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The Cockburn Family in Glorious Technicolor

The first photo (see archives below) is now eight years out of date. It's time to replace it with one which is only one year out of date. We are rarely photographed all together in one spot, so photos such as this are collectable treasures. Here we are in February 2008 at Grandma's house for the her 80th birthday celebrations.

If you compare both photos you'll notice there has been a 20% increase in the size of the family.

The Cockburn Family

Archive Footage

Here is what we looked like in the autumn of the year of our Lord two thousand and one. I'm not going to add further labels. If you know the family you can work out who is who and if you don't then you probably won't even have got this far.

The grinning visages of
 the Cockburn family

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