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Paul's Favourite Albums

Gosh, you really must be keen if you have made your way to this page. I don't expect you will find these lists nearly as fascinating to read as I found to compile.

Over several years I have been allocating a score to every album I've heard, even the ones I don't actually possess. I decided to keep the marks in the range 0 to 9, simply to save coping with two digits. The marks correspond to the following descriptions, and I have also indicated the rough percentage falling within each category.

0- Awful - I never want to hear it again!none
1- Dull or unpleasant - I'd have to work hard to like it1%
2- OK I suppose - harmless enough10%
3- Pleasant - I'm happy listening to this for a change25%
4- Good - a definite thumbs-up28%
5- Very Good - there's something here well above average17%
6- Highly Enjoyable - I can't help singing along10%
7- Excellent - Essential to my Music Collection5%
8- Outstanding Music - Guaranteed Enjoyment2%
9- The Best - my eight Desert Island Discs1%

And here are the actual albums which, as of September 2002, fall into the top three categories:

The Best - my eight Desert Island Discs

Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon: 1973
Rick Wakeman: The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table: 1975
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Angel Station: 1979
The Alan Parsons Project: Turn of a Friendly Card: 1980
The Moody Blues: Long Distance Voyager: 1981
The Alan Parsons Project: Eye in the Sky: 1982
Mike Batt: The Hunting of the Snark: 1986
The Divine Comedy: Cassanova: 1997

Outstanding Music - Guaranteed Enjoyment

The Moody Blues: Days of Future Passed: 1967
Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Trilogy: 1972
Dave Greenslade: Cactus Choir: 1976
Jethro Tull: Songs from the Wood: 1977
Dire Straits: Dire Straits: 1978
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Watch: 1978
The Alan Parsons Project: Pyramid: 1978
Camel: I Can See Your House From Here: 1979
Harry Chapin: (compilation tape from various LPs):
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Chance: 1980
The Alan Parsons Project: Ammonia Avenue: 1984
Frazier Chorus: Sue: 1989
Alan Parsons: On Air: 1996

Excellent - Essential to my Music Collection

various: That'll be the Day:
The Beach Boys: The Beach Boys 20 Golden Greats:
The Moody Blues: In Search of the Lost Chord: 1968
The Moody Blues: On the Threshold of a Dream: 1969
The Who: Tommy: 1969
Simon and Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water: 1970
The Moody Blues: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour: 1971
Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Pictures at an Exhibition: 1972
Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives of Henry VIII: 1972
Wishbone Ash: Argus: 1972
Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Tarkus: 1973
Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery: 1973
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Solar Fire: 1973
Steeleye Span: All Around My Hat: 1974
Camel: Snow Goose: 1975
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice: Evita: 1976
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: The Roaring Silence: 1976
Larry Norman: In Another Land: 1976
Camel: Breathless: 1978
Andrew Lloyd Webber: Variations: 1978
Electric Light Orchestra: Discovery: 1979
The Alan Parsons Project: Eve: 1979
The Police: Every Breath You Take - the singles:
Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms: 1985
Paul Simon: Graceland: 1986
Alan Parsons: Try Anything Once: 1993
Dave Greenslade: From the Discworld: 1994
Alan Parsons: Alan Parsons Live: 1994
Ayreon: Into the Electric Castle: 1998

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